04 September 2009

The anecdote (which will be more than an anecdote, I'm sure. Thus, this post is called The story) The story...

Well, hello!

It's much later. Later than I anticipated, but that's okay. If you've just dropped by here, and just read yesterday's post, then later for you is only a couple of seconds. Good on you.

So, here are the cards.

(Warning! If this post is too long for you, scroll to the bottom, there's a summary)

And they're still unrelated by sight. But they're related by story.

After all this build up, there's not really a story, just a thing to tell.

And that is this.

I made these cards.

And then I made them again, but I switched the colours.

That's the story.

That's it.

Told you it wasn't earth shattering.

BUT it was fun. Only 75% fun because I spent time mucking around trying to find the scraps I'd used the first time and all that. I hate mucking around trying to find things. That then led to me totally pulling everything out of my room (not the cupboard, I'd done that only a while ago) and totally re-organising it. I'm serious. I re-organised by whole scrapping area because I couldn't find my paper scraps quickly enough. Oh, I didn't mention that? I could find them, I just couldn't find them quickly enough, so something had to be done!

Anyway, that's another story. And that is a story!

And I'll tell it to you.

I promise.

With photos.


How much later entirely depends on how quickly I can finish painting and then take a final photo.

I hate painting, so it could be much later.

Anyway, back to this inconsequential story.

I made these cards. I love lined, ledger and hymnal papers and will find any excuse to use them. You know when you've been doing something for long time (add make cards here) and you find something different and new to you and just, well, different, and you grow to love it because it spices things up a bit and makes it more fun? And rich? And gives it more depth? And makes it cooler? Well, that's how I feel about lined, ledger and hymnal/music paper. It's fab.

Told you this would be more than an anedote.

So, I made these cards. How many times have I said that already?

I liked this flower because it was simple, easy to make and I didn't have to think too much. 10 points for sure.

Then another day I wanted to make a card using this woodgrain paper. I bought it at Stamp Art Studio at Aspley a couple of weeks ago. It was a surprising find because it comes in A4...I've not seen a paper like it. I don't think it's a scrapbooking paper, per se? There's no brand on it either, but it was 90c. And it's a thickish type of weight.

So I made this. I don't usually go for the browns very much, but a change is good. But only for one or two cards, then I snap back to the colour.

I like it. I like those Labels One - Nestabilities. Nice, very nice. And the embossing around the edge finishes it off, which I find this shape usually needs.

So I made the cards at two completely different times and they were unrelated.

But one day I decided to make them again and switch the colours. Like I said, 75% (okay, 50%) fun until I had all the pieces found and cut out. The fun-0-meter steadily climbed after that.

No point making cards if the fun-o-meter is only at 50%. I'd rather wash dishes.

I like how this butterfly one turned out. Orangey-yellow and pink with lined paper. Yep, good. And that butterfly. What's not to like about that? That's Doodlebug polka dot paper. Pre-glittered!
What do you reckon?
Which do you like best?

Gotta be honest here. Not overly entralled with this card. I mean, it's nice, but what am I gonna do with it? Not a man card. Not a girl card. Not a boy card. Not a card, I guess. Maybe it's a card to send to a family for something because it's got a bit of everything.

I'll put it in my stash and go back to the brighter colours where I belong.

So that's the story of the cards.

Here it is in summary:
I made 'em. I switched 'em.
The End.


  1. I like the flower on the brown woodgrain paper & the butterfly in pink. Maybe because when I see a brown butterfly I think of a moth & moths are YUK but your butterfly is a butterfly & not a moth. Even though I saw the first one first, I still like the second set. Make sense? mmmm....

  2. Hi Jammie,
    I'm hearing ya! You like the second set...nice. Yes, makes sense. Maybe you'd like a pink butterfly on the woodgrain paper? That'd be interesting... :o)


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