21 July 2009


Hi, I hope you had a good weekend! I realise it's Tuesday and people don't usually refer to the previous weekend on a Tuesday, but I still hope you had a good weekend! Do anything exciting? We went to the Samford show and had a really nice time actually. It's small and it's country, but it's good.

My favourite thing was the woodchop - love the woodchop and haven't seen it for years. The guy who won chopped through that thing in 21 secs I think it was! Amazing. That was the underhand event where they stand on the block. We also saw the standing block event and the tree climb one. I mean, I've seen these events many times before, but to see them up close is to see how hard they're working. And those axes are sharp!

The back marker (the guy with the biggest time handicap) is always the guy to watch because he's expected to win (in my humble, I'm-just-a-spectator, opinion). In the tree climb final the first guy started on 5, the second on 17, the rest of them on 60 and 70ish, the second last guy on about 117 and the back marker on 121! They were standing there having a chat while the first guy started and then they got themselves ready. And man, they work hard in that tree climb. Chop, chop and up goes the first plank. Chop, chop and up goes the second plank. Chop, chop and the third plank goes up. Then they chop one side of the top bit. Then down they go and do it all again up the other side. They were amazing to watch really. And when they're on the top plank going for it to break through the log, the plank they're standing on is at such a bend! I'm like, don't fall!

And yep, the back marker won. He blitzed them all and won the final. Good for him, I thought, he deserved it. He's chopping for Queensland at the Ekka soon too.

You know when you go to the cricket, there's cheering? And when you go to the tennis, there's cheering? And when you go to the footy, there's yelling and cheering? Well, at the woodchop there's no cheering. What is up with that really? I love cheering and let out a woo hoo when they finished. Thought they deserved it!

Okay, so I love the woodchop! There you go.

And my other favourite thing was this dog herding these ducks through the legs of about 12 kids who were standing in tunnel ball formation. So cute.

I'm working on a croc and a lion card to go with the others that I posted last week. Will put them up when they're done.

Bye now.

Oh PS. Father-in-law liked elephant with bomb-diving monkey card on Sunday. Knew he would.

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