22 July 2009

Little book

Today it's time for some punch art. I've been wanting to post this little book for a while because it's full of punch art, and punch art is good!

Beware that you might have to scrape some cheese off it because it's a bit cheesy, but hey, at least it's not stinky cheese.

So here's the cover. Simple. Simple is good.

I love punch art because it's simple. Did I put that in the book? Probably not. It can be the 48 967th reason why I love punch art.

I made the book itself by folding some cream card for the inside pages and blue for the front. I should've scored each page, but I didn't. Unfortunately there's some pretty major cracks on the folds in the book. That cream card is thick and the pages are small. Makes for a bit of cracking, especially when folding against the grain. Live and learn.

I punched holes in each of the pages to thread the ribbon through at the end and each page was decorated before the whole book was put together.

The final book is quarter of an A5. Is there a code for quarter of an A5? Basically it's a little book.

Inside front cover. There's quite a few swirls throughout the book too. Quite a few actually...

First double page. Have loved doing flowers with smiley faces for years now. They're always a good option for a card. And the kids are cute with their sunglasses.

Now that I've just started showing you the book I'll have to leave you hanging because I've got to start dinner and I've already typed this three times! Rats, I know...

See you soon :o)

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