16 July 2009

This is how it goes...

Hey, just wanted to blog about this card. I was making it for fun (ie. no reason) and wanted to finish it off with a sun in the top corner. The line of paper I was using didn't have a yellow that I could cut a sun from so I started looking for other options. The "Let's Do Lunch" label was on my desk from the Early Bird elements paper and I tried that. It worked, but when would I ever use a card with "Let's Do Lunch" on it? Never, probably. Oh well, what else can I use for a sun?

Then I had a thought. We're having lunch with my father-in-law this weekend for his birthday and all of sudden the "Let's Do Lunch" label made sense. Onto the card it went, and into an envelope it will go. Pretty funny, hey? The card went from no sense at all, to all the sense in the world, in a matter of seconds! That's craft for you....just go with the flow and it'll all work out.

Just wanted to say too that it's not really a man card as far as man cards go, but that's okay. Who wants to work with dark colours anyway (you know, typical man card colours)? Not me. I like the colourful ones and I know my father-in-law will appreciate the card because I made it and also the humour in it too. The monkey doing a bomb dive will get a smile, I'm sure of that.

PS. I'll have to make the envelope myself because it's an A5 card front and I don't have any that size. Might wrap it in wrapping paper even. Will decide on that later. Do you make big cards too?

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