28 May 2009


Have you ever played Frogger, the computer game? I got hooked on it when I was in Uni and played it a lot when I was procrastinating on doing those assignments. I'm procrastinating right now actually by posting this rather than doing other stuff I'm supposed to be doing so I guess the shoe still fits! Oh well!

Back in the day the Frogger I played was very simple - black screen, green frog and green everything else actually. Really liked that game and got a blast from the past recently when I found it again on the internet. Had a bit of a play - it bought back a lot of memories. Late nights, high scores and the beep, beep, beep of the frog jumping. Gosh, it was like I'd just heard it yesterday. The lastest version is cool because it's all colourful, but the game is still the same. I like that some things are improved, but they're still the same.

Actually punch art's like that. I love that it doesn't go out of style and it can be updated and changed, but it's still the same. Scallops have been around for a while now (actually they've come back, as all things do in design), so I updated the old frogger card and there you go. Modern, we like it!

Hope you're enjoying the beautiful May weather. It's my favourite month of the year...


  1. How beautiful, it's a pleasure seeing your work.

  2. Hi, do you know where we can get your first book?


  3. Hi Carina,

    You can purchase it from me. Just email me at the address on the sidebar.

    Or you can purchase at Photo Continental - website on sidebar also.



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