06 December 2011

A Scrap Quiz - Where do you store your albums?

Yes, well, that's been interesting.

For years they were in the linen cupboard because it was the only cupboard in the house that could accommodate them for the keeping-the-dust-off-factor and the size factor. 12 x 12 albums are pretty big and don't fit in most normal furniture I've found.

Eventually I started to need the room in the linen cupboard for actual sheets and towels, so I asked Andrew to build me a shelf in the cupboard of the spare room.

Here's where they get stored now....

Yes, that's a cupboard with a TV in it.

Was my idea to put it in the cupboard so we (I) couldn't see it when it wasn't in use. Works really well.

So there are all the albums, all lined up. I love that they're easy to pull off the shelf and look at on the carpeted floor. Carpeted floor is good for viewing albums on.

Some of the mini albums are stored in this box and basket.

I know, not fabulous, but I don't look through them much (they're not as precious to me in that way). Works for the moment - I certainly don't want them out and scattered all over the place...too much.

I like them altogether in the same room pretty much even though they're in a plastic box...

There's a bookshelf in the same room and some of the albums are stored on there. As are games, other scrapping books and mags and bits and pieces (I can see a dictionary and some Lonely Planet guides up there).

We call this room the snug. It's certainly that - it's snug. It's great for reading (we have an old couch in there too), looking at albums, watching tele and just being quiet.

It's one of my favourite rooms in the house because it just works for us. Took us a while to figure out how to get it that way though. Sometimes things work themselves out...and this room did.

Last note: I think that was another reason I stopped making mini albums - the storage! Hello? How do you store them?

Anyway, that's how I store mine.


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