25 November 2011

A little story - The hunt

Being the candy cane/peppermint = red and white nut that she is...

(American Crafts Hollyday line)

(October Afternoon Holiday Style) 

(American Crafts Elf stickers - I want these!)

Goldilocks (that's me) was immediately drawn to these decorations when she saw them in the catalogue...

Oooo, look at the red and white striped balls, she thought.

And the candy canes.

And the red Ho Ho decs - cute.

She poured over the page looking at all the fun things.

"I'm going to check them out," she said and ripped the page out of the catalogue and put it on her handbag so she'd see it when she left the house next time.

A couple of days later she made her way to Target to check out the decs.

She could feel the anticipation building and was hopeful they had what she wanted.

She found the Christmas section...

....and looked around...

...and looked around again...

She was disappointed.

There was nothing.

They had nothing from the catalogue.

Why don't they have anything? she thought.

Big sigh.

She left.

She ate chicken.

She mentioned the dilemma to Prince Charming, but he had no advice. She even saw the head of Target on  telly and silently asked her why she didn't have the decs in her stores when they were in the catalogue.

She checked online, but nothing.

Far out.

Meanwhile Goldilocks went to Myer to check out their Christmas section.

She discovered that if she bought three or more things, they were 30% off. She bought three or more things and was happy.

She even got some red and white striped balls!

The horizontal ones.

At 30% off.


Still though, she liked the wavy red and white striped balls in the catalogue and wanted to check them out in real life.

Four days later she was at the shops again doing errands and she decided to run (not run, get serious, go... go) into Target again to see if any new stuff had come in.

Again, she looked.

Again, she found nothing.

On a whim, she decided to go to Big W to check out their stuff.

Off she went. She drove.

She found the Christmas section.

She was intrigued.

She looked.

She found the candy canes from the picture....

....then it dawned on her.

She'd ripped the page out of the Big W catalogue, not the Target catalogue. 

She rolled her eyes at herself.

She looked left.

She looked right.

She shrugged.

I'm here now, she thought, good for me.

She didn't get the candy canes from the catalogue - they were a bit chunky for her liking.

She didn't find any wavy striped candy cane balls either.

Or horizontal striped ones.

All the other savvy Christmas shoppers beat her to them...

She didn't find any red Ho decorations - only a lonely white one that was a bit beat up.

She did find some other plastic candy canes that she liked though.

And some red jingle bells, a bear and a Joy word.


And as she left the store, she silently apologised to Mrs Target for thinking she'd been false advertising.



  1. Oh Deb! You're hilarious ... that's something I would do .... I particularly liked the swirly red/white striped one too x

  2. Pete sniff.

    A lotta eye rolling going on!


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