06 October 2011

October Afternoon Holiday Style

Line Logo

They've put all their images up on their site - woo hoo!

I've just realised that Holiday Style comes from Silver Bells...one of my favourite Christmas songs. 

Lots of fun patterns (see below) as well as the gorgeous B side ones that are useful for anything and everything. 

Chevrons are in!

Two Chip N Sticks! 

Love both...seriously, look at all the vintage images and I love the first one too. Don't make me choose.  

And the famous Miscellany pack. Vintage bits again. Look at that LP!

Of course they have the journalling cards and the 12 x 12 sticker sheet (LOVE the Santa stamps in the corner) and all the other fun stuff. No rubber charms, two Chip N Sticks instead. 

Anyway, it's all fun!

Love it all and can't wait to get some of it when it comes out....

Check out the entire line here...have fun looking. 


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