26 August 2011

More punch videos

Hi again,

You know I do a flick around for these videos around CHA time, but sometimes I just don't find them. Then when I'm not really looking, I come across them. Thought you might like a look-see too...

New garland punch by EK Success. Note the shape in the background at 1:26. The label type one with a hole in the middle. I like that one.

New garland punch by EK Success - a lady this time. Quieter than the video with the guy above. These punches are kinda like a barrel of monkeys. I like the concept - really easy to punch and make - no adhesive or anything.

New EK Success Dimensional Flower punch - same lady. She shows how to make the flower from the beginning. You have to punch a couple of strips and off-set them before you roll them up. I didn't realise that. Makes sense.

New Layering punch from EK Success - it's interesting seeing all the new types of punches that are coming out now. Imaginations are working overtime. I'm still into the plain shapes though, they serve me better, although I'm not opposed to rolling a flower or two. Sometimes I just want to try them and not buy them. You?

And while we're at it - Flower and Garden Edge punches. Nice. What she calls a trim, I call a paper ribbon. Same diff. Get a load of the big half flower one.

Enjoy the vids.


PS. You can see most of the new punches here. I keep seeing ones I haven't seen before (butterfly and flower garland one) and yet some of them are missing. Where's the Christmas tree one I like? Coming, but not released in their shop, I guess.

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