31 August 2011

Handyman book

Hi, I'm back with some more boy type stuff today. We've been having a bit of a theme, so I thought I'd go with it.

Part of crafting is not just the making, but the collecting of supplies too - we all know about that, don't we?

In the effort of doing something a bit different, I bought this handyman book on etsy a while ago with the idea of cutting it up and using it on man cards.

I love all the graphics in it and the tool-y stuff. It was printed in the 50s - love the pics from that era.

Check it out...

"I have big muscles and I will fix your table."

"Will you? Will you? That would be so great!"

These types of pages would be good for card backgrounds...or scrapping bits on pages.


And here we come to one of my favourite parts - the section openers (coming below).

You'll notice a lot of pipe smoking and very specific gender roles, that's for sure.

(She's in there and giving it a go in some of them, so they're definitely a team. Good on her)

I've used this next one on a card - I'll show you that soon.

Well, what'd you think?

The next time you see an op shop, check it out for old books. Or Bookfest - another winner. And while you're there, keep an eye out for old music books, they're goodies too.

Back soon with the card I made :o)

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