04 August 2011

Crafting update that has nothing to do with paper...

That's the way it goes sometimes, hey?

Sometimes it's paper, sometimes it's wool.

This post is about wool and sewing.

The update is as follows:

(I'm sounding very formal today, sorry about that)

The Flowery Cushion...

...is back out on the bench with some flowers pinned on because I'm determined to see it finished this winter.

The Colourful Rug... 

...is complete!

It's currently on my desk chair ready to be used.

I'm actually not sure if it's the right size (I'll fold it over when I use it)...but another seven bands of colour would've made it too big. And there was no way I was adding only three bands or something because that would've mucked up the pattern.

I love it and would love to start another (just because I feel like it), but I'll restrain myself and concentrate on my new...

Cross stitch Monkey...

Oh so cute.

When I saw this little fella for $29.95 in Spotlight, I knew I wanted to make it instantly, but I balked at the price.

I ended getting it online (as you do) for $23.45 (including postage) which I was a lot happier with.

It's a great little kit with everything in it that you need. Perfect for someone like me who has never crossed a stitch in her life. I did have to buy the hoop - that was 3 bucks from Spotlight.

Sue (my sister) - the cross stitch queen that she is - got me started and gave me lots of tips.

I've been really enjoying it a lot. It's nice to sew while Masterchef is on or something like that.

The pattern suggests making the monkey into a cushion, but I'm going to frame it I think.

So fun :o)


  1. Matchy Sister SuziAugust 5, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    Wow Deb! You've done so much since I saw it last, is it getting easier as you go yet? Looks great :o)

  2. You are going well in the wool department, rug finished, cross stitch happening, and that cushion is going to get done, at least the sewing of flowers is underway now. Well done. Love the rug colours, so bright and happy.

  3. I've done the whole face except for the white on the bottom part. Just filling that in now. Yep, it's easy to do, but my cotton keeps getting twisted even though I untwist it all the time. Trying to keep it neat on both sides! Enjoying it a lot. Deb

  4. Hi Mum, Used the rug now - I think it needs more bands! Not totally sure...
    Haven't done anymore flowers or button cards this week - been cross stitching and doing photos. I looked down at the rug while I was at my desk and smiled a bit because it was nice and colourful. Better than the brown one I used to use :o) Deb

  5. Time to do more flowers on that cushion. I want to see it finished. Glad the rug is going well.

  6. I know, haven't had a chance, but it's taunting me to get it done.


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