07 July 2011

I had grand plans...

...to come here and write something magnificent, or post something fabulous, but I've got nothin'.

What I do have is a new keyboard that's driving me crazy with all the mistakes it's making.

It's not user error, why would you suggest that?

I just fixed 12 mistakes in three lines.

I'm not going to fix anymore mistkakes for the rest of th epost just to prive tht things aren't going well on the typing front.

I'm also veery.  tired.


I'll stay off here until I've got somthin' as opposed to all this nothin'.

Have mercy.

Just to claifify (again with the keyboard!!!) - I've gotta lotta somethin's for the blog-o, I just don't have a lotta somethin's right now.

Where's that mercy at?

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