11 July 2011

Crochet frenzy update

The crochet frenzy of late has not extended to getting last year's cushion done. It's still without the flowers, but they'll get stuck on soon. 

Ah, this cushion - I still like it. It's full on, but it's fun.

Can't wait to see it finished.

Get to it, Debra, get to it.

I will, I will, but I've been busy making this...

It's a rug that no longer exists.

I decided to flick the cushion for a while because who really wants to sew those flowers on right now? Not me.

I decided to flick it for some therapeutic crochet. That is, repetitive stuff. And using-up-wool stuff.

I was going along quite happily and then I started to run into quite a few problems and the rug got pulled right out again.

The main reason was - what was the main reason? Can't remember now. Maybe too many ends to run in? I don't crochet to spend my time running ends in...

Anyway, flicked the blanket...oh, I know the reasons! I started that sucker three, count 'em, three times.

1.  The original line of chain stitch was too tight and horrid.

2.  The whole rug was too long.

3.  And it was too long again.

The rug is for me to use while I'm on my roller chair in my room here. That means it needs to be short, so it's out of the way of the wheels.

I did the chain stitch what I thought was the right length, but as I added the extra rows of trebles it grew in length! Is this normal?

Anyway, the sucker ended up too long twice.

Yes, I did it twice. So annoying. Who knew trebles multiplied the original chain stitches? Not me.

To thwart the problem once and for all, I actually went and sat on the roller chair and measured where I wanted the blanket to come to and pulled some of the chain stitches out to compensate.

Of course it would've been better if I'd have done that in the first place, but I didn't.

Anyway - summary?

All is well now and it's the right length.


Here it is last week.

Seven rows of each colour.

The light yellow above is the final row in the pattern. I'll repeat the seven rows of seven again and then it'll be done.

Actually, I think I'll add another band of red to finish and then it'll be done. Fifteen bands total.

I'm up to the second band of orange (number 11) now, so I've only got about a quarter to go. Nice. Yep, been doing a lot of crocheting.

And giving myself a blister. Don't care. I just crochet through the discomfort.

I think my rug was inspired by my new tablecloth...

And this rug that I said I wanted to make.

My rug didn't want any purple or pink though.

It scoffed when I brought it out.

I tried.

It said no.

I said okay.

I know how inspiration works and that's how it works.

Sometimes the project just has a mind of it's own.

I'm going to finish this rug soon and then I try another and see if it wants some pink.

Love crocheting - it's so fab.


  1. You're so funny! I love the pillow at the beginning. Kudos to you for starting that project. I want to make pillow covers for our current pillows with the bubble stitches - you know, that makes the yarns pop out like a bubble? Good luck sewing all the flowers on! :) - Shirley <><

  2. Hi Shirley, Thanks, you made me smile. Glad you like the pillow too - I'm going to get it done! Bubble stitches - no, not heard of those. Will go a Google search like I do for everything else ha ha. Thanks, good luck with your projects too :o)

  3. Hi again Shirley - I now know what a bobble/bubble stitch looks like! Very cute - I really like it. Might try it sometime, but the lady I was watching was going too fast. I'd have to pause her to follow along. Anyway, thanks for the tip! :o)


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