16 April 2011

Easter Projects - Tray

Hi there, 

I'm back with some more Easter projects today. 

You may recognise the tray thing from the Valentine's Day display up there. Has come in really useful lately. I've had it for years and I love it, but I've never known what to do with it. 

I knew I wanted to do some kind of display for the table in it, but nothing ever really came together until the Valentine's Day one. Finally. And then the Easter one fell into place too. Must've been the right time.  

I've mentioned this before, but I got the (fabulous, I-couldn't-ask-for-anything-more) shred and the eggs from Spotlight. 

So perfect.  

I knew I wanted a sun and clouds (made from flower punches) on the handle to add to the scene. Worked well.

And would you believe that I added the bunting ages after the whole thing was done? The tray was sitting on the table for a couple of days in readiness to go over to Photo Continental and one day I just glanced at it and knew it needed bunting.

Back into the craft room I went to make it up. Didn't take long. I used blue and white baker's twine and a Diamond punch from The Punch Bunch folded over the string.

Cute, just the look I wanted.

Okay, onto the projects inside the tray.

Here's the oval die again - I used it for the next couple of cards below.

You've seen this fella.

Hey, chick.

Here's the rabbit this time.

I work with a lot of cream card and it was nice to make a white rabbit. Looks so fresh.

I used the same die as the chick card. Remember with the chick card I folded the card and put the fold inside the die edge to cut the oval card. Fun, try it.

This time I folded the card and put the fold at the top, just inside the die edge again. When I die cut it, the two bits were joined, but only by a bit (did it on purpose). I put a crease about two cms from the top on the back oval and glued that bit to the front one.

I then punched a hole and added the ribbon. The ribbon covers up the straight bit, which is why I did it.

I cut my own grass here. Martha has some fringing scissors that you could use for this purpose too. Note the tracing tool around the edge too - just finishes it off.

Onto another chick card...

It's two scallops glued together. I put a crease in the back one and glued just that flap to the front one.

I haven't embossed anything for a little while, so it was fun to do a bit on this card.

I added Stickles in the middle of the flowers to give it some sparkle.

Remember how I've talked about redoing, revamping, repeating or recycling designs lately?

This one is a redo.

I made it last year and the shape I used for the ears of the bunny are gone now. Sullivans bought out a fish punch and I knew it'd make great ears. Sorted.

Redo, thank you.

Another redo.

I'm totally into it.

Sometimes the card is just a goodie and needs to be revisited, don't you think?

And here are all the bits at Photo Continental.

Hope you're enjoying all the Easter projects. 

Be back with more soon! 


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