20 April 2011

Easter Projects - Special Delivery

Hi there!

(Sorry, I'm at a real loss as to how to start these posts...hi just always seems appropriate)

I think this may be the last of the Easter projects today. There's been so many, I know.

This one's a tag card.

Like the egg cards, I folded the card base first and then put the fold just inside the die edge before I die cut the tag.

Cute, huh? I love this technique and it's so easy.

I tied the baker's twine on just the front part of the tag. I had visions of the recipient ripping the card apart if it was tied together. Not good.

I thought it'd be good to put the sentiment on the white egg this time.

As you do, I looked through my stamps and found this one in a postmark/stamp/envelope/travel set I had. Thought it worked well for the egg. "Fragile" was the other option. Both looked good, but I chose this one.

Again I cut the fringed grass myself - takes a little while, but it's worth it.

If I made this card again, I'd shift that pink egg over to the right just a tad, or put another smaller egg in there.

Like I said above, I love this technique. Turns all those die shapes into card bases if you know what I mean. So great.

That's what I love about punches and dies, they're so versatile, and all you can ever do is find new ways to use them. Suits me.

Well, that's the end of all the Easter projects for this year and just in time for Easter too. Hope you enjoyed them all feel inspired to make some of your own.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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  1. Really nice blog...I too love punch art!! As you probably notice I use punches on most of my cards so have a lovely stash of them to do punch art. These are all so cute - especially the owl! That would have been a very fun day!


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