23 March 2011

After reading Mum's lists of crafts yesterday...

...Diane sent me her list of crafts!

She said she and Mum are around the same age and Mum might recognise some of the crafts. Do you, Mum? Anyone else out there recognise a few they'd forgotten about? Di felt like she had a trip down memory lane while reading Mum's list.

I'd never heard of Chicken Scratching before and Di sent me this explanation about it:

"Apparently the chicken scratching started back in the early days when all crafts were more widely used. The wife was doing cross stitch on gingham, husband wanted to know what she was doing, she said, decorating a tablecloth, he said, looks like a lot of chicken scratching to me. I used to work in a craft shop (back in the old days when this craft made a comeback) which had a book on 'Chicken Scratching' with that explanation inside."

I can see that husband saying that. Sounds like something a fella might say, hey? :o)

Added this pic in honour of the Chicken Scratching craft. She's so cute. Got her at a country type shop somewhere. Knew I had to have her when I saw her. Makes me smile. 

Anyway, here's Diane's list!

Candle Making
Chicken Scratching (cross stitch on gingham)
Faberge Eggs (or egg artistry)
Fimo Jewellery
Glass & China Painting
Lino Stenciling
Paper Tole
Raffia Hats 
Rag Rugs 
Wood Burning (This is Deb - also called Pyrography or Pokerwork) 
Spinning & Weaving 
Pot pourri  
Paper Making 
Tiffany Lamp Shades
Pom Pom Creations  
Sewing - Cabbage Patch Doll Clothes 

She says: I have never done patchwork and quilting before, so now I can add them to my 'list', although I hardly think one half- made quilt counts.

Di, it counts! 

The other thing she said? It is all very interesting when you look back - sometimes I think I haven't achieved much! Ha

You certainly have, Di, that's for sure. And didn't you get a Big Shot recently? I added Papercrafting in there for you! (whether you've done any or not, doesn't matter. You're prepared to, that's what counts right now)

There are a lot of things on that list that weren't on Mum's. I remember making pom poms when I was about 12 or 13.

Just goes to show how many crafts are out there, hey? 

If anyone else wants to contribute their craft list, feel free, we'd love to read it.  

Bye now! 



  1. Ah, Chicken scratchings, didn't know it had a name. Did many of those for our first house, 41 years ago. Granny also did some Deb. No egg decorating though, never had a liking to do that. But then I said I would never do scrapbooking either. The list of crafts is endless. No time to be bored.

  2. Matchy Sister SuziMarch 23, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    I remember looking at Granny's tablecloths and now I know what it's called - thanks Di! Chicken Scratching is rather appropriate I think coz we have a saying in our family ... Just chookin' 'round. Definition: Pottering, fiddling, playing with no particular purpose at the beginning but usually ends up in a full blown project in the end!!! PS: How's that Big Shot working for ya Di???

  3. Matchy Sister SuziMarch 23, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    PS: Where can I get me one of those chooks Deb???!!!!! Soo cute

  4. Oh, you need to add chicken scratching to your list now, Mum! I didn't realise Granny did any, but when Sue said she had it on her tablecloths I remembered it. Wonder where those cloths are now?

  5. I don't know where you'd get a chook like that. I don't even know where I got it from...maybe at a market type place? Not sure. I know, she's very cute.

  6. PS. Vania added Paper Mache and Origami as other crafts. I've done both too. I am amazed at how much stuff we girlies do to keep us busy. Or do because we just want to try it!


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