03 February 2011

A little story

I think it's the same the world over. You send food with him and he brings it home...well, bits and pieces of it a few weeks later.

Saw this mass of food in his bag and had to take a photo.

At other times I've seen him sneak the fruit back into the fridge when he comes home. He just quietly takes it out of his bag and puts it back in there...funny. 

Here's the little journalling card I did for the photo - journalling reads:

"Ah, this was telling. I send fruit with Andrew each day, but whether he eats it is another story. Then I saw his bag. Gotcha! He also had a tin of fish and two cup-a-soups (as we call them) in there. No time!"

It's little stories like this that make me smile. It's him. It's us.

(Full disclosure - I don't send lunch with Andrew every day of the week. He's a big boy, he sorts his own lunch sometimes.)

How do the journalling card and the photo sit together in my scrapbook?

Very easily, in fact. I use Project Life from Becky Higgins and the journalling card sits above the photo in the divided photo protector. 

If you click on the link above, it'll take you to Becky's products page where she has a video that walks you through the Project Life kit. You'll also see regular photos of what's in the kit too.

More on all this soon!

PS. Other dog/happy cards are Wild Cards from October Afternoon.


  1. Ah classic photo and story Debra, at least Andrew takes lunch to work with him, my husband doesn't!! Sometimes the fruit does come home with the kids and they try to sneak it back lol.

    Loving the project life book, what a fab idea and perfect for you!

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thanks glad you liked it. I like that I can record little stories like this in my album without having to do a whole page about it. Gosh, it's important, but not that important! Sounds like you have the same issues with the fruit - it's always the fruit!

    Hope you're doing well, thanks for your lovely comments,

    Debra :o)


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