15 February 2011

Have you ever done this before?

Have you taken your camera to the shops?

We did in 2006.

Like I said, it feels weird and people look at you, but who cares?

One reason I wanted these photos?

Because I'd love to see my grandmother in the supermarket in 1973. How cool would that be?

Hey, it's about 4.5 years since I took these photos and I think they're cool now. Who knows how much cooler they'll be in 20 years?

My default supermarket - the chain and the actual supermarket I like in the chain. Not all actual supermarkets in the chain are created equal, now are they? Similar, but not equal.

Hands up if you love your favourite supermarket because you know where everything is?

Hands up if you've gone to a non-default supermarket because you only had to get a couple of things and then you ended up walking around and around because you couldn't find those couple of things??

Hands up if you said you yourself, "Always go to your default supermarket, Debra, it's just easier!"

You probably wouldn't have said Debra because chances are that's not your name, but hands up if you get me on the whole default supermarket thing?

Those makeup sections aren't there anymore. They're juice/butter ie. cold sections now. It's interesting to see how things change...

They have some self-serve checkouts here now. I love the self-serve checkouts. I like to pretend I'm really good at it and beep, beep through as fast as I can. Hey, I'm not good now, but I once was. Worked at Woolies for three years during Uni and was pretty quick sticks at the old scanning. Loved all the buttons and money and all that.

Ahh, she's checking her list...she always does this. She is a list maker and list crosser off-er like her grandmother. And her mother.

They have all new trolleys now, I think. I don't remember seeing those double decker ones up there for a while.

At the time we bought our fruit at a separate fruit shop. We don't anymore, we get it delivered. Have done for years.

Have had the groceries delivered a couple of times too. That rocks - no carrying the bags up the stairs.

Pink Lady Apples were $4.99 in 2006. There you go. Some history for ya. How much are they now? I wouldn't know - I buy our fruit per piece through the delivery service, rather than by the kilo. $4.99 sounds pretty good for apples, I'd say.

Ah yes, on this particular day we finished with a treat to keep him happy. If he's happy, I'm happy. If she's happy, I'm happy, he'd say. Staying happy on grocery shopping trips is extremely important for a marriage...

There you go, that's our "I'm going to take some photos while shopping today" excursion that was originally met with a raised eyebrow and an "Are you serious? How embarrassing" look from donut man.


  1. It's so you to take pictures of the supermarket. Where do you buy your vegies on line?

  2. Hi Jammie,

    Good to hear from you!
    www.aussiefarmersdirect.com.au Email me if you'd like more info - after doing it for years, I've got a few tips for ya!

    Debra :o)


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