07 February 2011

And in reply to Cathy...


Why do I keep coming back for more?

~  I love the sense of having it all in order - chronologically - because it makes sense to me.

~  I love re-living moments when I scrapbook them. I've come to really enjoy that.

~  I love the pretty paper, but I limit what I buy so I have no guilt. I buy paper because I know I'll use it.

~  I think it's good time spent - making the memories in the first place and then scrapping them. It's a quality activity - better than watching endless hours of telly. I do watch and scrap though, gotta admit!

~  I enjoy taking photos, so I do something with them rather than leave them on the computer.

~  I am a recordy/documenty type person, so it all makes sense to me.

~  I'm a crafty/paper person too, so again, it all makes sense.

~  I just enjoy it and it's fab.

~  And so I can record fun stories like these...

I did this, so he'd remember to...

...do this.
He kept forgetting. And he wanted to remember.  
Problem solved and I get major points in the helpful wife department.
Win win.

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