30 December 2010

New punches

Hey there!

Just found these this morning and thought you might like to see.

Link to new Martha Stewart punches.

There's a mix of older and the new ones on this page. Scroll down a bit to see the Punch All Over Punches (I like the flourish square one) and there are some Valentine ones too. I like the Cherish Hearts border in those. Very Valentiney - not that I do Valentine stuff much.

Link to new EK Success punches.

Some interesting ones here. The Plaid one is extremely interesting - nothing like that one around, so good for them for coming up with a new one. It's good for us at the moment because it's summer (well, sort of), so it fits with the picnics (well, the wishes of picnics) and days out.

I also like the Abstract Flower border, the Flourish Square and of course the big Butterfly. Can never go wrong with butterflies.

Got any particular favourites?

Okay, have a great day. I'm doing the washing - the poor machine is going to get hammered. Gotta take advantage of the sun!

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