09 December 2010

More square doilies

Hey there (honestly, I have to think of a better greeting than hey there, but it's all I've got right now), so, hey there to you...

More cards that feature square doilies today. Are you liking them as much as me?

There are plenty of Martha combos that would look lovely as doilies. Vintage Lace for one. The one I've used below is called Eyelet Lace. They like having the word 'lace' in the punch names, don't they? And Vintage, they like that too.

Eyelet Lace, Vintage Lace, Lace Heart, Vintage Ornament, Vintage Doily, Vintage Doily Deep Edger, Doily Lace...there's a lot.

Here I've used a green Sullivans punch called Floral Romance, I think it is. Nope, Floral Wealth, it's called.

And the scallop is an EK Success one.

Here I've used different sizes of Petal from Sullivans (Kikyou from Carl) to make these scrunched flowers.

Mist with water, crumple, flatten a bit, pile on top of each other, poke with paper piercer, secure with brad, scrunch up again to make it pretty, spray with Red Velvet Glimmer Mist and let dry.

This last one uses the watering can punch from The Punch Bunch and the orange size of  the Floral Wealth punch.

Not sure if I'm a huge fan of the red doily on the red card, but the idea kinda worked. The concept's there, ie. a doily on the same coloured background, but maybe it's not the right application. What do you think?

I'll leave it up to you!


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