05 November 2010

More trees...

...because they're nice...

...and because the newbies may not have seen them...

...and the oldies (not in age!) may have forgotten them...

Trees using punches all over, but in lots of different ways.

Only three punches here.

The square and the circle up the top plus the rectangle for the trunk.

The triangles are handcut.

A good way to use up all your scraps. Gosh, how many scraps do we end up with? Too many. Use 'em up!

Not telling you what to do or anything, just suggesting!

And notice the crumpling used too.

It's an option.

Some of you will screw your noses up at that - "I'm not scrunching card!" Well, you know what, you don't have to, but you could... :o) It's a good stress reliever actually.

Enjoy the cards, hope there's some ideas for you for your own cards this year.

I'm still juggling work and bits at the moment. I'm doing my best with everything. Due to some unforeseen issues with work related stuff, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make many things this year to show on the blog. I've still got ideas up my sleeve as to how I work it out and here's hoping I will! Just know that I love writing and sharing on here and I will as much as I can over this Christmas season.

Okay, must go, have a wonderful weekend!

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