30 November 2010

Here it is - the craft tree!

Well, here it is! Finally! Was going to post it yesterday, but the whole blogging thing wasn't cooperating (I think it was user error), but no matter, I'm here today and it's working, so yay for that.

Now, this first photo below is a biggie (as in resolution), so you can click on it to see the tree larger, okay? There's a lot to look at, so I thought you'd appreciate that.

Ah, so pretty. Love the colours. And you know, after doing the tree last year, I had no ideas of what to do this year. I mean, honestly? A few ideas started coming, so I built on those and everything started coming together. 

Gotta love it when things start coming together and they look pretty to boot. 

Okay, so have a close look at the tree if you haven't already. I would've by now! 

So, here's the front view of the tree above. The bow on the base is at the front, so I made sure it was facing me as I was decorating it. You'll notice in the photos below that it's not quite so pretty from each angle, but that's life and tree decorating! And the tree itself is lightly lopsided...it's pretty funny when you see it in the photos, you think?

The base base, ie. the rectangular bit, is just a box with rocks in it (the ones you put in your vases to stabilise them) and it's wrapped with some left over wrapping paper. The tree is going on display at Photo Continental soon and I wanted it to have a bit of height, plus I can display cards in front of the box too.

Okay, for the next three shots, I turned the tree 90 degrees.

Let's look, shall we?

See what I mean about a little lopsided? Oh well.

I bought this tree for about 5 to 8 bucks at an after Christmas sale one year. It's been pulled out every year since and been decorated and redecorated, transported from one place to the other (Andrew's work, Photo Continental) and back again, so it's done quite well considering.

I've yet to work out the best way to transport a fully decorated tree without any other hands to hold it for me. I ended up just laying it on the back seat last year - thus the lopsidedness probably.

And back to the front for the one above. The front is definitely the best side.

Well, enjoy for today. I'll be back very soon with some close up shots and explanations of how to do things!

Bye now,


PS. The pretty papers I used are from a K & Company paper pad by Brenda Walton called Peppermint Twist. They come in a pad of 50 sheets for $39 and they're gorgeous. They work out to be 78c each in the pad by the way - cheap! I usually don't like all the papers in a collection, but I like all of these.

 And get this, they're a re-release or something. I used them for our 2007 Christmas photos - I was just checking my albums for something else and saw them in there. I loved them back then and when I saw them hanging in Photo Continental, I knew they were coming home with me for the craft tree. Woo hoo. Some of the pages are pre-glittered and everything. I've taken photos of the pages, so I'll share them soon too.

Oh yes, some of you savvy people out there will go straight to the internet and do a search to find out what the papers look like, won't you? I would too (ha ha), but I'm warning you, this Peppermint Twist line had so many gorgeous additions when it came out back in the day, but they're not available as far as I know. I don't even know if you can buy them in the US.

So go, have a look, but don't get too excited about the extra stuff because you may not be able to find it, okay? Okay!

Remember PC has the paper! Click here to see it  on the EK Brands site.

Okay, bye now for real.


  1. Gorgeous Deb. Will have to look really closely to see all the things you have done and of course might have to visit PC to see it live. Lovely and fun too.

  2. Thanks, Mum! I'm taking it over Saturday.

  3. Matchy Sister SuziDecember 1, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    Love! Love! Love! Might make an attempt to create this with its twin sister tree ... we went to Big W on Boxing Day many many years ago (we never have or since!) and yep it was $5! Best and longest lasting decoration so far :o) PS: I made the close up of the decs my desktop picture - looks fantastic!


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