18 October 2010

A quick card for you!

And a quick diagnosis!

That is, I like this card, but something's not working.

My diagnosis is...

You need a darker green background (I'm talking to myself here...)

The words in the background are a bit too dark. They're crooked too, but you knew that, and you chose not to re-do it.

Some Dimensional Magic (Crystal Effects, Glossy Accents) on the cherries wouldn't go astray.

In fact, if you just took the method off and left the recipe on, you might have a winner.

You couldn't have just a cream background though, too boring.

My final diagnosis is...

It's a good concept, but it didn't work fully.

Ever happen to you?

You make something and you know it's not working totally, but you know the concept's there?

It's okay.

It's life.

It's craft.

Gotta encourage each other in these things, don't we?


  1. LOL Debra, love your pep talk! Your card looks fantastic, but I can relate to the self doubt sometimes.

    Thanks so much for the blog love, I appreciate it very much!

    Hope you have a wonderful week! Hey are you going to the Craft Fair on the weekend?

  2. Hi Liz,

    Thanks! Have to encourage each other like I said. Still catching up after the craft show, so I'm a little late replying to this one. No probs about the blog love, you deserve it!


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