22 September 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 30

Hey there and hello to you today!

Been quite a bit of rain around the traps this week...I love the rain. Love it, when I'm not in it, of course. Also love it when Cody's in the pond swimming and I'm standing under the umbrella with Andrew. Love it then too.

Today I wanted to talk to you about page 30 of Punch Art Fun 1. Page 29 was babies and this page is kids and well, bigger kids. They could be adults too, I suppose.

Here are some kids.

First thing I need to say about this girlie - I think her fringe is too short. And her smile is too big. Sorry to be critical of you, girlie (let's call her Sally), but your hair is too short. Just another couple of mms and you'd be fine.

Your friend, on the other hand, isn't doing too bad although he could stand to lose a couple of kilos...maybe he'd get his neck back.

I don't worry about being cricital of the fellas. They all think they're studs.


Echidna hair, gotta love it.

Art = liberties afterall.

See the black hair just in the bottom there?

It's a Christmas tree! Liberties all over the place!

I've always loved the fleur-de-lis for hair. Cute piggy tails there.

And leaves, leaves for hair can't be beat. One of my favourites, esp for just one ponytail. Two take up a lot of room :o) 

Other points about page 30:

~ The butterfly with the blue wings (not in any of the photos above) is missing his lines across his body. Noticed that after the whole book was done and dusted. Noticed a lot of things after it was done and dusted. I tried!

~ The little bee in the corner is a cutie. Love her.

~ The oval shape for the eyes can be hard to find now. Fiskars still has a hand held one as far as I know - you might find it in Spotlight. The other option nowadays is that there are so many border punches out there now that surely one of them has oval bits in it somewhere. They have to be the right size ovals, but still, it's a possibility.

~ The floating daisies are a design no no, but they work for me. Yes, even all these years later, they work for me. I wouldn't change them because the page is what it is and it was what we did at the time. It's pretty funny. It makes me smile.

Okay, that's page 30. Next time for LitB, it's birthdays. And then clowns. I love clowns.

Bye for now :o)

Oh, hang on, forgot something. Wanted to tell you that the new Craft Concepts embossing folders are in at Photo Continental. You can see them here - and only $7.50 too. Cheap. One thing that's cool? They're labelled with their name. The teacher in me loves that.

Really bye for now.


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