13 September 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 29

Hello, how are you today?

I'm looking at page 29 in Punch Art Fun for our Look in the Book today. It's actually part of the Funny Faces section and it's all about babies.

You can make babies a couple of ways. The first is easy, but it involves a bit of trimming.

All these babies are made using a teddy bear punch with the ears trimmed off. It's hard the first time, but after that you get good at it!

The trick is to round as you're cutting, so you end up with a round head. If you just snip the ears off, you'll get flat heads!

To make the jumpsuits, punch the teddy bear in the colour you want and snip the head off using a circle punch to make the rounded neckline.

Pretty cute. And remember to add a curl!

These babies are made using circle and heart punches. The circles are self-explanatory - head, body and half for the nappy as well as two tiny ones for the dummy.

The hearts are cut in half for the legs and arms. I also used two tiny ones for the bow on the girl.

Hearts and circles, what would we do without them?

What I love about these babies is that you can make them sitting down, standing up or even dancing! I've made quite a few on page 29 - can you see them there? I love the waving babies too.

Now this card isn't from page 29, it's actually from a little book I made. The book's called 10 Reasons Why I Love Punch Art and one of those reasons is that people smile when they see it. And they do. It's nice.

I wanted to show you this one today because it has a baby in it, but also because it's got other bits and pieces that go with babies.

Page 29 also has a couple of simple scrapbook pages on it too. They feature Jack, my nephew, who's eight now. He's a funny kid and has great facial expressions. He's really into reading right now and read stacks of books in one week. And as he was proud to tell us, "they were all chapter books". Nice one, mate.

Well, ladies, have a wonderful day, won't you?

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