20 September 2010

Button storage

Well, I had to do it. I had to change my button storage from this...

I like storing buttons in bottles because they look nice on the shelf. But I had to change them because of the frustration of getting at the things!

I use red, pink and yellow buttons the most, so I just changed those. The others have stayed in their bottles because changing them wasn't necessary because I don't use them as much, you know?

Here's my desk - a lot happening here, including cup-o-soup lunch.

I was kitting (making up the class kits) at the time...it's always an organised mess then.

And here's the temporary container I chucked all the red buttons into out of the aforementioned frustration. It wasn't "throw things on the floor" frustration, just a bit of "I'm over this" annoyance.

Things I've discovered about buttons:
  • It's important for me to see them, thus the temporary container. It got changed to a see-through one later.
  • Rifling is important. I need to rifle through the buttons to find the one I want.
  • Tipping the buttons into a lid from the bottle can help with rifling.
  • What's annoying is getting the buttons back into the jar after the rifling process.
  • And what's even more annoying is picking them up off the floor when they miss the bottle.
  • Really, it's not that annoying if you do it once. It gets annoying when you do it all the time. And I was doing it all the time.
  • So, new container needed. One with a large opening for rifling and non-tipping out purposes.
  • I chose the one above as a temporary measure and then rifled through my Tupperware drawers in the kitchen for the other containers. I seem to rifle a lot.
  • I found a couple and had to buy one extra, I think.

My button storage now looks like this.

  • Not as fun to look at.
  • Not annoying to get buttons anymore.
Sometimes you just have to choose function over form.

Oh yes, and see those little containers to the left of the new plastic ones? They're plastic too. They're Doodlebug storage containers that I got from Photo Continental a while ago. They were only a few dollars each and they are good for rifling - no more tipping them out there either.  

Gosh, it's amazing how having something stored to suit your needs makes crafting just so much more enjoyable.

Half the time though, I know something's annoying me, but I don't know how to fix it (or want to fix it because I didn't want plastic button containers!). When that happens I just wait, the answer always comes. This one did. I was ready for the plastic. Like I said, function over form.



  1. Ahh... finally I am commenting here. Love your blog and your great work, Debra. Sent you an email some time back :-)

    Hugs from India,

  2. Hi Smita,
    Got it!
    Debra :o)


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