05 July 2010


(inspired by a recent Cathy Z post - June 14)

What I see:

~ Lipstick! You jumped up and kissed a friend. She didn't mind, but I was shocked. Not good!

~ A huge distraction. There are lots of scratches to give and balls to throw throughout the day.

~ Hair that's the same colour as mine.

~ A look in your eyes that says, "What are you doing? I don't get it, but I'll humour you."

~ A friend. A furry friend.

~ An assured source of a chuckle and a laugh each day.

~ A real personality. You crack me up.

~ A lot of emotion in those eyes.

~ Someone who wants to be near all the time.

~ A dirty patio. Did you do that, Cody? No...of course not.

~ A glimpse of the collar you had then, but don't have now because you lost it. Good one.

~ Sticky up hair. I brush it, but I'm not afraid to cut it. X marks the spot when you have something I want Andrew to check out (ie. I cut a piece of hair off so I can find the spot again). And I tried to get the sap out, but nup, had to cut it out. You survived.

~ A smiling mouth. You look like you're hiding something. I dunno, you make me laugh.

~ A gorgeous face. If you weren't cute, it'd be all over, you know that?



  1. Awww how adorable is Cody and FAR OUT how big he got in such a short time.

    For a dog he is just so sweet and I just love the little stories Debra!

  2. Hey Liz,

    I know, like I said, not adorable, not a dog for me! Thanks for your lovely comments about him - he is cute. He's 9 months now and pretty much full grown (not that I'd know really) - he'll probably thicken out, rather than get too much bigger.

    Glad you liked the post! :o)


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