30 June 2010

The last of the plates

Actually, it's not the last, it's the first.

This is the first plate I used to inspire a card.

It looked the easiest to me, so I went with it.

Nice plate.

I particularly wanted to follow the colour scheme and use a wiggly shape to mimic the border.

I ended up using a page from an old recipe book as the background with a green dotted one below. The ric rac added the wiggly shape, so did the Martha border at the bottom (double scallop).

The cherries would be nice if they had Dimensional Magic on them, I think, or were even replaced with big, red buttons. That'd be good too. Not that I don't like the card I made. I do. I'd just do a different version of it now.

So, vintage stuff. Do you like vintage stuff as much as I do?? It's everywhere at the moment - some companies are known for it, while some have added it into their product lines lately.

If you'd like to check out some other Vintage lines, I've put some links below. There's lots of different types of Vintage - you'll see what I mean when you check 'em out. I like the retro, bright Vintage the best.

October Afternoon - My favourite. They're doing Vintage at the moment, but both the collections are very different from each other. Love both.

Graphic 45 - Straight out of magazine type images. You know those old Santa Christmas cards? They do things like that. This page will give you an idea of their style.

Sassafras - Their stuff is very full on. It has a lot of detail and little interesting bits to it (same as detail!). I use the busy bits sparingly by chopping them up. I also pair their stuff with other lines to tone it down if I want. You can't beat their back in the day images, though, love them. Here's what I mean Cherry Delicious - Winsome (it's the first one on the list).

Jenni Bowlin - She is Miss Vintage. Bingo cards, tickets, farmy type stuff with cows and flour sacks, label shapes, calendar cards and banner (bunting) stickers.

Tim Holtz - Grungy, distressy and metallic. Vintage grunge? He blogs regularly too.

Studio Calico - They're a kit club, but they sell retail now, I believe. They always have a vintage vibe if you ask me. I like their blog.

Prima - They used to be known for just their flowers and now they do paper and other bits too. Their flowers are still extremely popular, esp. with the new ones that come with bling and sparkle attached.

There's lots of other companies out their doing Vintage too. Anna Griffin and K & Company are a couple more. Just depends on your style and what you can find to buy (that usually determines our choices more than anything...).

Anyway, enjoy!

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