13 May 2010

Punch Art Fun - Look in the Book - page 21 (part 2)

Hi there blogging friends!

Funny, when I typed that I made a mistake and typed blooging. Hello there, blooging friends, hope you're having a great week so far. It's turned pretty chilly actually. Feel the breeze, feel the breeze.

I went looking for a few of the characters from page 21 yesterday, but came up empty (except for the card below), so I just took a photo of the animals in the book instead. They're my images, so I can do that. Lucky for me, hey?

Firstly, the little chicks.

Reminds me of a story my mother tells us about my brother, Pete. She and he were at shops when he was about two or so, and she couldn't find him anywhere. Gosh, imagine the panic. She eventually found him on top of their car in the carpark, and he had crossed a road to get to the car! Oh, my goodness...

Anyway, onto the chicks and their house.

Glad our chook shed doesn't look like that.

Pretty precarious...

Good old corro card. Makes for a good chook shed. Can you still buy plain corro card like this? I'm not sure.

Look at those skinny legs.

They're cut with a ruler and a knife - the only way to get precision cuts.

This white one was the first one I made. Golly, I loved her. I made the rooster next and then the brown hens above.

At least I think that's what happened. I just remember loving them and I've not stopped making them since. I tend to make them a bit bigger now though, using a 3/4" Circle for the head and a 1" Circle for the body.

(The ones above have 1/2" Circle heads and medium balloons for their bodies. Smaller and fiddlier, but worth it)

And now the big animals.


Hello, Horse.


Hello, Pig.

Hello, Pig's friend, Chick.

And Cow.

Hello, Cow.

Don't tell the others, but aside from the chicks, you're my favourite.

Sometimes I like you better than the chicks actually, depends on what mooood (ha ha) I'm in and if my micro motor skills are working or not. You're a lot more work than the bigger chicks, thus the No. 2 position you get put in sometimes.

Summary: You're gorgeous.

Here's Cow and Bear.

They're friends.

Not sure when a cow and a bear would ever get their photo taken together in real life, but on my desk they do. That's because on my desk, we aren't tethered to reality, are we fellas?

Ummm, no.

No, no reality here.

What's reality is that you're looking a little chunky there, Cow.

You might want to lay off the feed, darlin'...I'm just sayin'.

Summary: You're still gorgeous.

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