19 April 2010


This is Grandma.

She is the crochet queen.

Like, the queen.

You may have a crochet queen in your family too. If so, they can be crochet queens together. They all deserve the title for all the quick stitching they've done in their lives, yes?

Wow, look at this tablecloth she made...amazing.

It lives at my mum's house now...and just so you know, we don't eat off it. If we did, it'd have plastic on it. But, no plastic (thank goodness), so no eat.

Like I said on Friday, I used to set the table for family dinners and in my ignorance I didn't know there was a front and back to crochet. Grandma soon put me right on that score and turned the doily I used up the right way.

Look at this beautiful rug? Isn't it pretty?

Besides the once-in-a-lifetime tablecloth, she also made billions-in-a-lifetime blankets. Or rugs as she called them.

She made hundreds, I reckon. Hundreds.

I have at least 6 here at the moment. Probably more. I've made a few rugs in my time too, so we're covered for rugs over here.

My rugs are pretty much triple stitches, or just single stitches, not these fancy ones. Honestly, Grandma's made so many different types of rugs over the years she could've written a book.

They all love the one with the roses on it, she said the other day. "They" are the people at her Tuesday morning craft group. She's been going for years (like 50 probably) and has taught hundreds of ladies to crochet. She still goes to the group, but doesn't teach much anymore because she can't see well. But she still takes the rugs and gives out patterns.

That's Grandma for ya.

And what about this one?

Again, a completely different style. Amazing.

Can you see where my mother gets it from? That creative gene and the gotta-make-something gene?

Now, I don't have a photo of these, but the other thing my Grandma has made hundreds (probably thousands) of is....can you guess?.....fridge towels!

You know those hand towels that are a tea towel cut in half with a crochet top, so you can hang it on your fridge or door handle? I'm not sure how long it used to take for her to make one, but it was quick. Very quick. And she used to watch TV at the same time and not her hands. Did your Grandma do that?

I remember watching her once and being amazed at how she could crochet without looking. I tried to do it, but only managed a few stitches before I had to check. It's not easy, but it's the mark of a crochet queen, for sure.

I found these while looking for a photo of Grandma for this post. Had to share them, isn't she gorgeous?

We all see my cousins in this photo.

This one's my favourite. I love the get up - particularly the shoes!

Okay, talk soon!


  1. Hi Debra,

    I come from a similar family. My nan (my mum's mum) did lots of crafty stuff. Sewing, cooking, crochet, knitting, leather work but the thing I loved the most was the cake decorating. She was one of those talented people who make flowers, lace & things out of icing. She used to make us doll cakes. It had a plastic doll & the dress was the cake, like the ones you see in gone with the wind. She'd make all the lace & flowers out of icing. My mum is the same, good at anything crafty. I can crochet around face washers but mum makes me those fridge towels. I love them!!

  2. Hi Jammie,
    Another thing we have in common, crafty relatives. That's fun to know. I love all the things your nan did - like you said, sounds like my family and the things we did. And the cake decorating, it sounds wonderful. Dolly cakes - I've seen those, so much work. The fridge towels...we all have them! So funny. Thanks for commenting, I love reading them. :o)


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