04 March 2010

Punch Art Fun 1 - Look in the Book - page 11


I thought we'd have another Look in the Book today - at the flowers, that's where we are up to.

Got page 11 open?

This design is a simple flower border using flower punches.

In the book it's a horizontal design, but here it's a vertical design. Easy to tell it's a vertical one because of the reflection marks on the right. I'm right-handed, so they always go on the right for me.

Such an easy and fun design to do, this one. You can use any colours, although I do recommend the black middles to tie it altogether.

And here we have the legendary daisy chain. Legendary in my own mind because it's such a winner, you see.

Get your punches out, punch a bunch out in a bunch of different colours and start playing.

Those swirls take a bit to master, but you just have to be confident and go for it!

A tip for both of these cards?

Get all your flowers in position on your design before you glue any down. You'll invariably glue one and then want to move it, trust me!

And here we have a flower using two different sized balloon punches, a circle and some small tear drops.

See? You can make flowers out of anything! They're made from suns, eggs and snowflakes on the page too.

You can never go wrong with a few flowers, that's for sure.


PS. I always draw my swirls vertically, regardless of whether it's going to be a horizontal or vertical swirl on the finished card. Just easier for me. Might be for you too.

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