30 December 2009

A Cody Christmas

Hi everyone!

How was your Christmas? I hope you managed to stay cool - we had air con at both places we went to, so lucky ducks we were.

Was a first for us this year - celebrating with the pup, that is. It was a bit of a Cody Christmas. Andrew thought it was all a bit silly, but hey, us girls like to commemorate things and whatnot, so good for us.

Firstly, the dog got an ornament.

I wanted to buy one to mark his first year with us. Found it at Big W - turns out he's the same type as the reindeer and Santa. Nice, I reckon. I wrote "Cody, 2009" on the bottom.

He doesn't look like Cody, we all know that, but he's a dog who's kinda cute (could do without the eye patch, but hey), so he got bought.

After scouting around a few shops, I was lucky to find a dog ornament really. Not a lot around.

And then the dog got a photo taken with tinsel. He got several photos taken with tinsel because the first few photos were trial runs.

Andrew kept him busy in the kitchen while I arranged the set - very quickly.

We placed the dog in and he did very well. Didn't try to eat the tinsel once. Or a bauble. Actually he did try to eat a bauble, but that was later.

Anyway, we didn't get the best photos, but we did okay.

After the photo taking session he was dog-tired (ha ha) and took a nap.

"Bring tinsel to dog," I thought.

I tip-toed around putting tinsel and baubles in place. Took interim shots in case dog woke up and flew out the room.

He didn't.

That's his Christmas bear. How long have I had that bear? Like, years. Every year I pull it out of the box and put it straight back in. It lives in the box for 365 days a year. This year I pulled it out and knew who'd like it for Christmas...

Lastly, the dog got his own stocking.

I saw this idea on Leah Fung's Candy Cane Friday video - Johanna had the idea. When I saw it I thought I'd never have the time, but I found myself up late doing stuff at my desk, so I decided to make the dog a stocking of his own. We all know it was for me, but that's beside the point.

That was our Cody Christmas. There were a lot of other things in there too, but he was certainly one of the funniest, and funnest, bits.



  1. Aww that is just beyond adorable Debra - Cody looks like the perfect Christmas Puppy. So glad you guys had a great Christmas with him and of course all the "humans" too lol.... LOVE the look of that mint ice cream concoction mmmmmmmm.

  2. Hey, thanks, Liz! Hope you had a great Christmas too! Yep, he's very cute. :o)


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