14 December 2009

Little cards

Hey everyone,

Wow, not long until Christmas now, is it?

Remember I posted these little cards in tree week? They're tiny - about 1 and a half inches square.

And remember I said that I made a whole set of them?

You can't see it very well in all the pics, but there's glitter in the embossed borders. I just put glue in the spaces and then added some glitter on top.

(You can click on all the photos to see them a bit larger)

Cuttlebug has all sorts of embossed borders that can be used for this sort of thing. You can see them here. There's decorative circles, playful circles, stitched circles and squares etc. Lots of fun designs.

They'd make pretty cute little placecards if you ask me. Of course, you'd need to make a little room on the card for the name, or you could just tell everyone where to sit and have a little card at their place anyway. Or get the kids to make a face for each guest. That'd be cute too.

Well, enjoy!

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