11 November 2009

Thank you

Hello there,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to all you lovely ladies out there that have come to my classes this year. I've enjoyed getting to know you and have had a lot of fun. Thanks for coming!

I'll be back next year with some new classes for you. Hope you'll be back too!

(Classes will start again probably around Feb. I'm sorting out the timetable this week)

In the meantime, I've got lots planned for the blog, so that should keep us going until classes start again.

What a fun class we had on Saturday. Shaped cards.

Actually, I reckon I might be able to do Shaped Cards 2 next year. Lots of ideas still rambling around in the old brain.

Ah, there it is again.

Cute Santa.

And a music paper envelope.

I love how the designers out there step it up and design things like coloured music paper. And coloured woodgrain paper. And coloured ledger paper. Oh man, so cool.

Actually, is there coloured woodgrain paper out there? If not, there should be!

My apologies that I didn't have enough music paper for us to make an envelope in class. Promise me you'll look around the place, buy some music paper and make one for yourself.

This one's from the 2009 Christmas class. I'm teaching this one again at Photo Continental on Dec 12 for anyone out there who would like to come.

We always have a fun time and did you know you get 15% off your purchases after class? A good deal if you ask me.

So, ladies, thank YOU for a great year, have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully I'll see you in class next year!



  1. Hi Debra,

    Love the shaped card, pity I couldn't make the class (getting ready for visitors instead). Saw your Chrissy card display at PC yesterday - gave me some ideas for the small cuttlebug embossing folders, so a big thank you. I now also want those big $50 flower punches. Perhaps hubby will get me a nice big PC voucher for Chrissy. I can but hope.


  2. Hi Kathleen, I thought I may have seen you on the day, but maybe next year. Glad you liked the display too. And a gift voucher, what a good idea! I wouldn't mind one myself... Have a wonderful Christmas!


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