01 September 2009

More Early Bird

This isn't meant to be a week of repeats...

I shared this photo very early in this blog when I said something about colour I think it was.

I'm sharing it again today for a completely different reason. See that blue plate? I love it. It reminds me of my granny.

See the edge on the blue plate? I really like it. The slightly scalloped (is it scalloped, you think?) shape is lovely and I wanted to make something using the pattern.

So I traced the plate and made this. It's Early Bird paper again, with a bit of text paper in the middle.

The yellow is Bazzill bling Bling. Yep, bling Bling. It's Bazzill bling, ie. the sparkly paper, and the colour is called Bling. Bazzill bling Bling. Funny. If it's not called Bling (which I know one of the yellows is), then it's Bright Lights. That would be Bazzill bling Bright Lights. Either of the yellows is nice.

The thing is...it's not a card, it's obviously not a scrap page, it's not a picture...it's just a thing I made, and I just display it on the shelf, and I like it.

I knew I wanted to make something using the pattern...I just didn't know what.
Then I made something with the pattern...and I didn't know what it was.
I thought, "What am I going to do with this?" I mean, I liked it, but what was I going to do with it?

I just put it on the shelf.

And you know what? I liked it just being there on the shelf. It wasn't doing anything, it was just there.
And I still like it being there.

I look at it often as I go in and out of the room. I still wonder what it is, but I like it...whatever it is.

I guess it reminds me that not everything I make has to have a purpose and a reason for living. You know?

Some stuff just needs to be made. That's it. That's all. End of story.

And it can even be chucked. Chucked! I know, chucked. Things can even be chucked.

My plate thing isn't going to get chucked, but it could. (It won't)

Some craft is just about play. It's just about making something, enjoying the process, and that's it.

And I like that.

I don't do it enough.

I should.

What about you?

I like my plate thing. I'd make it again. And I'd put that one on the shelf too. And I'd look at it and go, "Well, plate thing, here you are reminding me that not all things I make need to have a purpose and a reason for living. Thanks for that."

Yep, thanks for that.
One of the reasons I love craft so much? Because you get to do fun stuff, play with fun stuff, buy fun stuff and make fun stuff. Yes, fun stuff. But in the midst of all that fun stuff, there's a lot of learning and processing going on. I've learnt a lot of interesting things while crafting that can be applied to lots of different areas in life. It's just paper and glue, but it's so not.
Of course I can't be telling you any of those great things I've learnt right now because they've completely slipped my mind, as things have a tendency to do right when you need to recall them...BUT, they're there. They're there, be assured of that. And they come out right when I need 'em too. It's amazing. It's God, actually. He rocks. And He's interested in craft. He created the whole world afterall, so why wouldn't He be interested in what we create, and how we create? Of course He is. He's interested in it all. And passionate about it all, and us, and you!
Ah ha, and we thought it was just a plate thing that sat on the shelf...
So not.

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