25 September 2009

Christmas bunting

Hey everyone,

Here's the Christmas bunting I said I'd show you.

The bunting in my room was one of the strands that started the whole thing. I made four out of curtain scraps and five out of Christmas material. Also helped Mum make three strands for her house too. Got on a roll!

This is our table on Christmas morning. I love this photo. So quiet and peaceful before the busy day ahead.

There's the bunting strung around. We have three wall lights in that area and it just gets hung on those.

Baubles hang from each light too.

We also have three strands (that look like one long one) that hang in the living room to match.

Here's how to make your own:

1. You'll need to buy twill (Spotlight), fabric (Spotlight, or any material shop, or October craft show!), buttons and thread to sew buttons.

2. You'll need fabric pinking shears. Borrow your Mum's. Or Grandma's. Or buy some at the show.

3. Fold fabric and cut a triangle.

4. Make two cuts only. The fold is the third edge (top one).
5. When you unfold your triangle, you should have a diamond. Make sense?

6. Cut as many triangles as you like.

7. To sew on - drape triangles over twill using fold to stop them from falling off. Sew buttons in place.
8. The buttons are the fun part. Some of my triangles have one button, others have two, three or even five. Some are single layer, some are triple! It's up to you and how many buttons you have.

9. As for the ends you can sew a loop, or just neaten it with some scissors. It depends how you're going to attach it to your walls, or lights.
I sew loops on all mine in case I need them. Above the table I don't use them. I just loop the bunting around the light and peg.

In the living room I use tacks in the loops and tack them to the very top of the architrave where you can't see them.


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