17 August 2009


Look who's visiting me. Aren't I a lucky girl? I love this dog a lot. Gad, people, gad.

I love the way she hangs out with me all day. We get the mail, hang up washing and go for little walks. It's nice to have the company.

And the bit I love about having her the most? (besides her greeting me at the door in the morning)

I love how she follows me around the house. If I'm in the living room, she'll sit outside the door there. If I'm in the office (like now), she'll come and sit outside the door here (like she did 5 mins ago).

So gorgeous.

She's supposed to go home on Weds. Maybe we should just skip Weds, and then she'll have to stay with me until next Weds. That's a good idea. Or, maybe I could kidnap her for the day, so when my father-in-law comes to pick her up, she'll be no where to be found. That's a good idea too.

Big sigh...it's hard to see her leave.

Love you, doggie.

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