18 August 2009

Cute bear

So cute.

As soon as I saw Angie make this bear, I knew I wanted to make one. I didn't stop there though, and ended up making four. And then I had to use them on something of course.

The other three frames from Lily Bee worked out perfectly. Or maybe I made these bears first and the pink one (from yesterday) was left over and I used that last. Not sure. Again I made flaps for the back for the cards themselves. Or another way to say that - I cut and folded a cream card base smaller than the frame and then adhered the frame on the top. Make sense? So fun, and so easy.

On that note, I apologise for saying fun, cute and easy a lot, but that's because all these things are so fun to me. It's just so cool to do this kind of stuff and it makes me happy.

Sorry again, there's another word I use a lot - cool.

Here, let me get them out of my system...

Fun, fun, fun!

Easy, easy, easy!

Cool, cool, cool!

Okay, out of my system.


Make a bear.

He's fun, easy and cool.

And lastly, thanks, Angie. Great ideas that lady.

PS. The other bits and pieces of paper I used are from October Afternoon Weathervane (cloud and woodgrain), Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday (pink ledger, grid ledger, Hi letters and speech bubble, pink dot, giggle rectangle) and those buttons are ones I've had for a while from Making Memories.

PPS. Maybe I should get a dictionary or thesaurus out to find some new, fabbo descriptive words. Well, there's one...fabbo. Good word, but I'm not sure I'll use it on here because I could accidently type "flabbo" and then we'd be in all sorts of trouble... :o)

PPPS. Maybe I should get out a dictionary and punch out of it. Have you ever done that? Can you imagine your husband going to look up a word and saying, "Honey, why is there a big scallop shape cut out of the C, D and E sections in this dictionary!?"

That aforementioned husband wouldn't be my husband for a few reasons:

1. He doesn't call me Honey.

2. He wouldn't look up a word. He's just not like that. He'd ask me to, or he'd just forget about it. Not knowing the meaning of a word isn't something he's all that worried about frankly.

3. He wouldn't say "scallop shape". He'd say "hole". "Why is there a big, gaping hole in this book?" Well, actually, he wouldn't say that either because he wouldn't be looking at the book in the first place, remember? :o)

PPPPS. I love my husband, he's gorgeous.

PPPPPS. And just a final note about dictionaries....if you ever did decide you wanted to punch out of yours, just proof read the pages before you start punching. Okay? Just a tip for ya.

PPPPS. Oh yes, and make a bear, he's flabbo. See? Trouble.

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