23 April 2012


Hi there everyone,

Well, it's turned into blog-o-long-service-leave...wow. Surprised me, that's for sure.

Just wanted to say that I'm here, but not here.

Honestly, I am just not blogging right now. I've rolled it over in my head (all the aspects of it) and I've come to a few conclusions:

- I have a lot to talk about and a lot to say, I'm just not talking about it and saying it.

- I've filmed four little videos and have tried many times to upload them to You Tube, but the whole thing just hasn't worked. Will keep the vids in the vault - I'll figure it out when I can.

- Blogging takes a lot of time - not just the writing, but the editing, photographing, uploading...etc etc - it's a lotta work. Didn't realise how much until I stopped doing it.

- I know I have to divert my attention right now. I see myself coming back here, just not now. Not sure when.

- I miss writing to you all. You know, just blabbing on about things and putting up pretty pictures.

- I've thought a lot about the constant pressure I feel as a blogger to keep the content coming. Nobody reads if you don't write, do they? Keep the content rolling through...it's exhausting. And does anybody read it anyway? I know I scroll through blogs I follow and don't read everything...it happens.

- This is not my day job so to speak. It's something I do for me. It's for me to write stuff and display stuff and to talk about stuff. It's a creative outlet. All you creators out there know that once you start something you don't have to do it for the rest of your natural born days and you also know that creativeness has its ebbs and flows. And it's supposed to. I'm in an ebb with blogging right now and it's just the way it is.

- Hope it's coming across to you that I'm just trying to be communicative, not woe-is-me and all that. Just putting it on the table; saying it how it is.

I've missed this.

Just wanted to say hi and tell you what's been going on.

Bye for now,


PS. I'll be back. Not sure when. No pressure!

PPS. If you continue to check back and follow me, thanks. If not, I completely understand.

05 January 2012


on blog-o-cation for a bit. 

Or a lot.

I don't know, but I'll be back. 

In a bit. 

Or in a lot. 

Not sure. 

Will see. 

Bye now!