30 May 2013

30 Days - Day 30 - I Wish the Fat Lady Would Just Sing...

Not feeling the LEAST BIT like writing today. Feel like spitting instead. Nice. Not.

Don't care about anything. Don't want to talk about anything. Don't want to hear about anything.

I just want to read, eat popcorn and crawl back into bed.

I'm annoyed. I'm tired. I'm over it.

I'm done.

Obviously this is not over.

But it's over for now.

I thought this would be all yah yah 30 Days and we'd reach some big conclusion - SOME conclusion, ANY conclusion - and it would all be birdies tweeting and sunshine. Well, there's no actual sun and that's making me mad quite frankly. The weather app just keeps saying rain, rain and showers and clouds and more rain. It's making me crazy. I need some SUNNNN!!!!!

I think I'm going to stop now. Me continuing to type is not going to benefit anyone.

The 30 Days is done - what next? All I know is that the computer has to go in for a service and I've got a craft show to prepare for.

That's it.

Update - 3:04 pm

Don't feel like spitting anymore, that's a plus. Sometimes things just happen all at once and I get mad because I can't think straight. It's life and sometimes it's just hard. I know you know what I mean. 

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