26 May 2013

30 Days - Day 26 Still - Seeds and Sunshine

I've been wondering lately about all this writing and if it's going to wrap everything in some big way.



I really don't know. 

I've mentioned things, gone down rabbit holes, left some things hanging (feels like it to me), said I was going to research something way back in the beginning (I did a bit, but I haven't come back to it) - a lot of it feels like it's out of my head, but not wrapped up.

Does it have to be? 

Well yes, in some way, doesn't it?

Everything is a learning process and everything takes time.

Time to develop...

Time to heal...

Time to grow...

I guess I see it as planting seeds and now they need time to grow.

My seeds of trust.

My seeds of faith. 

My seeds of hope. 

They're planted, and in a different way than ever before...

There will be a harvest. 

There has to be. 

There will be. 

And while I'm waiting, I'll be about my business doing those things that are hard to keep up with in planting season...

I've got a few household jobs to do - windows for one. 

And a few things to clear out - some craft stuff - but I feel like going through the house and just going through everything.

I'm just tired of having things around that I'm just not using...it's clutter when it comes down to it. It's hard to be ruthless with stuff when I could use it, but if I've a billion things I could use they turn into a gigantic to-do list = overwhelming. 

Again with the 'clear out' thing. It's obviously the season for it. Organising's my thing, so I'm up for it. Will see how I go.

Time for me to go now...go to bed. I'm determined not to go on a staying-up-late streak as I'm want to do sometimes. Besides, I can't miss the sunshine at this time of year...it's just so gorgeous. 

More sun, Lord, please...in all areas, thank you.


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