25 May 2013

30 Days - Day 25 - TMI? I Don't Think So - We Girls Talk About This Stuff All the Time.

What's happening around here today?

Cody's bored and wants to go out with Andrew.

Andrew's got a cold and can't take the dog out because it's too breezy.

The computer's making me feel rushed because it needs to go in for a service. It's got something to do with the cooling system. I'm putting it off because I need to do my 30 days. It seems to be okay if I don't leave it on for too long (no going back and forth to it all day) and blast it with my 20 year old Breezemaster the whole time. Breezy outside, breezy inside :o). Andrew had to vacate the room because it was too breezy.

I've got a House & Garden magazine looking at me from across the table. I'm a sucker for a good home decorating magazine.

Andrew's just gone downstairs to do something on his car and Cody's run around the front to see if he can help.

My cross stitch is coming along slowly. I haven't done much over the last week. I've done all the floating-in-the-air bits now though (took lots of checking and re-checking to get them in the right spots), so the rest'll be easier.

I'm feeling chilly. I need another layer on. I've showered and changed, but I've still got my dressing gown on. It keeps my legs warm!

I wonder if we'll get to go out this weekend. I'm not really keen on taking Andrew out if it's breezy - but we might be able to go for a drive for a look-see around the place. Just a quick jaunt would suffice.

Warning - the following might be too much information for some.

I can feel my monthlys coming on. You know that sickly, bit unsettled, yucky feeling? Yeah, don't like it. I was really mad with my period a few months ago (the fact that I was still getting it and it had served me no purpose whatsoever!), but then someone told me that she used to bleed three weeks out of four and I quickly changed my tune. Three weeks out of four - my goodness, isn't that awful?

Later I reflected on my own cycle and all of a sudden I saw it for the miracle it really was. It's amazing how it comes regularly every month like clockwork, does what it's supposed to and then finishes. And it really does have a purpose. That full purpose hasn't been put to good use for me, but that doesn't mean it's not good. My body's doing what it's supposed to; how can I complain about that? I still don't like it - the sickly, yucky feeling and the pain - but it's soon over and all's well.

Yeah, I don't know. Too much information? I don't think so. It's been part of the journey for me.

It's easy to get mad at everything when you're grappling with things....


...it's amazing how a bit of perspective can sort things out, don't you think?

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