17 May 2013

30 Days - Day 17 - Bring On The Sunshine

I don't really have anything in particular to say today.

It's late - 4:38 pm - I've been procrastinating a bit, I guess, again because I've got nothing to say. Not because anything's too much, but just because I don't feel like talking. 

The dog and I had a great walk in the beautiful sunshine today. We walked and walked and walked. Didn't want to come home because it was just so good being out. My goodness, the good weather does a lot for my mood and my ability to handle things, that's for sure. You?

I guess, too, that I've so enjoyed the sun today, the music for hours in the car yesterday, the physical exercise over the last few days with the dog and helping some family move (that's tomorrow too), Joyce on the computer etc etc that I don't want to talk about my stuff, I just want to do other things and soak in some good. 

No denial, just a rest period probably!

It is what it is - will see what tomorrow brings. More sun, yay. 


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