12 May 2013

30 Days - Day 12 - A Fun Surprise

Well, it's 6:28 am and it's Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum!

So far today has been fun.

I switched on the computer and saw a notification on Google +, so I went to check it out.

(If you're not familiar, Google + is Google's answer to Facebook. They've set it up so that you belong to different circles of people, so there's no conflict of interests, basically. We have a Family circle - we chat on there, put photos up and have a few laughs. It was started back in September as a way we could all stay in contact while Mum and Dad were overseas. I found out weeks into their trip that Mum had put up all these photos I hadn't seen!)

Anyway, this was me on the computer this morning...

Who's been posting on Google +? Ah, what's this, a cow hide? Yep, that's Pete - only he'd have a cow hide on his bed. 

He makes whips from scratch - amazing boy that he is. Pete's my younger brother.

What are all these photos on here, I haven't seen any of these!

(Sometimes I don't get notified of things and find them later - sometimes days later)

Ha ha, Dad asleep in front of the footy. Pappa used to do that too, but he wasn't watching the footy. More like All Creatures Great and Small...no, he'd stay awake for that. More like some late night ABC show. I never could get Granny and Pappa to watch commercial television. 

And what's this? Suncorp Stadium - right, good photo, Dad. 

Awww, look at Pete as a wittle boy. Humphrey B Bear t-shirt, Blue Bear in a toy wheelbarrow and that blonde hair. Soo cute. 

Mum had been posting photos of Pete because it was his birthday a little while ago. She put up one of him as a toddler next to a recent one - cute. And two more time warp ones of him and her - his first birthday (the brown crochet suit!) and a recent one of him and her.

Oh, nice. Nice to see pics of them on here today particularly since it's Mother's Day.

I left a few comments on the photos and then went to the Google homepage to click through to my blog dashboard.

Oooh, I like the Google logo this morning, it's nice and colourful. 

Hang on, what's that thing doing? Is that a play button? It's blinking at me...

I pressed play...

My mouth dropped open!

What?? You mean it's animated? How cool this is?


Oh, so fun. What's it doing? I love those tea cups...


A conveyor belt, you've gotta have a conveyor belt. What's next? What's next?


Hello, the scissors, of course.


Spinning, spinning. 


I'm so going to show Andrew this when he wakes up!

What? I can print it out? And this - what's this brown thing?? I can put it on Google +? Oh, I made a card! I didn't even know, I thought I was just watching an animated cartoon! Fantastic, Mum'll love it and get a chuckle out of it. 

I posted it on Google + and said Happy Mother's Day to Mum. I told her I didn't know I was making her a card :o)

A pretty cute and fun way to start the day, don't you think?

Card making? Please, FUN.

Computer animation? Please, love it.

Computer animation when I least expected it? Please, love it more.

Computer animation that MAKES A CARD? Please. That's all, just plleeeaase :o)

When I put the card on Google +, I clicked on it to make it bigger in a new window and there was a story underneath about the animation.

That was an added bonus - knowing the story behind it.

My favourite line?

Holding a physical final product in my hands at the end of the day filled me with childlike enthusiasm.

Hello? That's why I craft.

It's why creative people, create.

There's something about holding it in your hands and saying, "I made that."

And looking at it on the wall and saying, "I did that."

And seeing it a while later and remembering, "I persevered with that!"

How many projects have you persevered with because you were determined to work it out?

Pummel it into submission!

Beat it into line!

You're paper! You're a teddy bear! You're pastry! You're leather! You're just fabric!

You're not going to beat me.

Yeah, how many times?

And how many times have you said, "It was worth it."

Every time.

Every. single. time.

Well then, Happy Mother's Day to you whether you're a mother or not!

I hope you receive a lovely surprise today like I did.

Big hug from ME.


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