23 April 2012


Hi there everyone,

Well, it's turned into blog-o-long-service-leave...wow. Surprised me, that's for sure.

Just wanted to say that I'm here, but not here.

Honestly, I am just not blogging right now. I've rolled it over in my head (all the aspects of it) and I've come to a few conclusions:

- I have a lot to talk about and a lot to say, I'm just not talking about it and saying it.

- I've filmed four little videos and have tried many times to upload them to You Tube, but the whole thing just hasn't worked. Will keep the vids in the vault - I'll figure it out when I can.

- Blogging takes a lot of time - not just the writing, but the editing, photographing, uploading...etc etc - it's a lotta work. Didn't realise how much until I stopped doing it.

- I know I have to divert my attention right now. I see myself coming back here, just not now. Not sure when.

- I miss writing to you all. You know, just blabbing on about things and putting up pretty pictures.

- I've thought a lot about the constant pressure I feel as a blogger to keep the content coming. Nobody reads if you don't write, do they? Keep the content rolling through...it's exhausting. And does anybody read it anyway? I know I scroll through blogs I follow and don't read everything...it happens.

- This is not my day job so to speak. It's something I do for me. It's for me to write stuff and display stuff and to talk about stuff. It's a creative outlet. All you creators out there know that once you start something you don't have to do it for the rest of your natural born days and you also know that creativeness has its ebbs and flows. And it's supposed to. I'm in an ebb with blogging right now and it's just the way it is.

- Hope it's coming across to you that I'm just trying to be communicative, not woe-is-me and all that. Just putting it on the table; saying it how it is.

I've missed this.

Just wanted to say hi and tell you what's been going on.

Bye for now,


PS. I'll be back. Not sure when. No pressure!

PPS. If you continue to check back and follow me, thanks. If not, I completely understand.


  1. Hi Debra,
    Hooray it's great to see you back!! Now gone again... I missed reading your stuff. Made me smile & laugh each time. Good to know all is ok. Will still be here ready to read your blog when you decide to come back. Jammie

  2. Hi Jammie, Thanks for leaving me a comment - it means a lot. Yep, back for a short visit and then gone again. Like I said, hoping to be back sometime when I can. Bye for now, hope you're doing well :o)

  3. Wow isn't if funny as I have just jumped over here today to see if you had been back thinking you had probably started blogging again long ago and I would have stuff to catch up on, and you only jumped on a few days ago. Spooky! Glad life is treating you well. Blogging does take up an awful amount of time and it is so surprising when you realise just how much. Anyway I will keep dropping back in every so often to see what is happening. All the best with the creativeness I will no doubt catch you somewhere in the creative world out there. Good luck.

    1. Hi Fiona,

      Thanks for your comment. Yep, not a lot happening around here at the moment, but it's okay. All the best to you too! Thanks again, Debra

  4. Hello Debra,

    Glad to se you are Ok and well. Have missed your blog, and will still keep an eye out for it. Good luck with your current and future ventures and hope to see you areound the traps.


    1. Hi Kathleen, Good to hear from you! Thanks for that - hope you're doing well and crafting up a storm. Might see you at a craft show again too. We're gearing up for the biggie in June...Bye now :o)

  5. Nice to hear from you Debra, was getting a little worried. I love reading your blog but totally understand the break, look forward to reading it again in the future. Might see you at the June craft show. take care and enjoy the break.

    Christine Robinson

    1. Hi Christine, I didn't mean to worry you - thanks for thinking of me though. That's why I wrote, just wanted to let you know what was going on. Sure, might see you at the show - that'd be lovely. Bye now, thanks for writing.

  6. I'll definitely be back when you feel you're ready to come back! Hope to catch up again soon!

    1. Hi Rebecca, You'll notice the date on this reply - a long time after your comment, but I noticed I replied to everyone else and not you, don't know why! Was good to see you in Feb (was it in Feb this year? Silly Sunday? I can't remember now, I think so), it's been a while. Those little dogs we made were cute...still love that punch art although I feel like I've exhausted all my ideas at the moment. Hope you're doing well and I hope you get to see this sometime.
      Debra :o)

  7. Hope you'll be back as soon sa you fell it's the right time...
    I'd missed readding all your thoughts...
    Sorry about my terrible english,

    Kisses from Brasil,

  8. Hi Debra, I met you before Easter last year for the first time. Little did I know that it was your last class at Photo Continental that I was attending that day :(. The crafting world must surely be missing your talent at the moment. Hope things are going well for you,
    Emma xxx

    1. Hi Emma,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, haven't taught a class in quite a while now. I do miss it (I love teaching), but the preparation time needed to teach a class is just so prohibitive sometimes. I'm hoping to teach some more classes in the future - not sure what type or what, but would love to! Glad to have met you back then - hopefully we will again in the future. Again, thanks for writing - and yes, all is well, just taking some time out from this creative outlet at the moment. Bye for now :o)

  9. I am a teacher of little kiddies and love the idea of teaching big people. Let me know if you would like an assistant teacher/preparer upon your return to the world of crafting teaching, Seriously.

  10. Thank you, that's a really kind offer!


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